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Food Pantry Top 10 List

Food Pantry Top 10 List

Top ten most needed items

  1. Canned Chicken or Ham
  2. Dried Beans (lentil, garbanzo, pinto, black)
  3. Shelf Stable Milk and non Dairy Beverages
  4. Pasta, all types
  5. Dried Fruits
  6. Canned Peaches
  7. Canned Tomato Products, all types
  8. Nuts & Trail Mixes
  9. Canned Black Beans
  10. Dental Care Products (brushes, paste, floss)
Updated monthly. Last updated 9/20/18


On this list are items that we cannot readily access through other partner agencies and are high request items by our clients.


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1.  Dried meats, pull-tab canned chicken, ham
2.  Bottled water and sport drinks, all sizes
3.  Shelf stable milk
4.  Low sugar, high protein cereal
5.  Dried fruits & vegetables
6.  Plastic bottled nut butter & jelly
7.  All type crackers
8.  Nuts & trail mixes
9.  Granola bars & power bars
10.  Vinegar, bleach, paper towels

Top Ten items needed at the Clothing Center
1.  Underwear
2.  Socks
3.  Bras, including preteen
4.  Kids PJ's
5.  Bath Towels
6.  Utensils
7.  Kitchen Towels
8.  Small cooking utensils (hand can opener, big spoons, spatulas, etc.)
9.  Mixing Bowls
10. Small pots/pans, free of scratches

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